Our Top Tips for Truckers for Winter Driving

Our Top Tips for Truckers for Winter Driving

As we roll out our newly-built semi trailer movers for delivery to help you manage the influx of holiday shipping, Mother Nature is likewise delivering her cargo in the form of winter snow and icy rain. To help you ensure a safe and cheerful holiday season at home with your family, your friends at DJ Products thought we’d share a few of our top winter driving tips.

Watch the Weather

Snow and ice make for challenging driving conditions. Ensure a safer trip by staying vigilant of the weather to prevent ending up in unexpected situations. Leave earlier/later as needed. Drive with more caution during snowy and icy weather: Slow down, leave more space, brake sooner, and remain hyperaware. This is especially important on busy city streets, which are more congested with fellow motorists and pedestrians during the busy holiday season.

Don’t Get Distracted

Keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phone. Distracted driving is a leading cause of traffic fatalities. Pull over and stop if you must make a call or text. Just a two-second distraction doubles the chance of an accident.

Dress (Your Vehicle) for Success

Remove ice/snow to ensure maximum visibility and avoiding hazards. Ensure safety when stranded by stocking your rig with basic supplies such as warm blankets, water, and food to increase your chances of survival in life-threatening scenarios.

Avoid Impairment

Avoid driving impaired whether due to sleepiness or eggnog overindulgence, respectfully sharing the road with other motorists and ensuring everyone enjoys safe holidays at home with family. Report suspected drunk drivers (weaving, straddling the lane, erratic braking). A simple call can save lives.

Keep semi trailer movers, cargo, and drivers moving safely this holiday season with the help of DJ Products today.