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Self-Driving Trucks Hit the “Big Slab” Starting in Arizona

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Self-driving trucks sound like the things that futuristic movies are made of. However, it might not be long before they’re as commonplace as tractor trailers are on our nation’s highways.

Uber now has self-driving commercial trucks that are moving freight in Arizona through the Uber Freight network. These trucks can be seen traveling along Interstate 40 in both directions. They’re using dry van trailers, although the companies that are using their services have not yet been named.

Are Self-Driving Trucks the Start of a New Industry?

The goal is for long haul self-driving trucks to work with conventional trucks to improve the efficiency of the trucking industry. Experts believe that the use of this technology may save lives and improve the quality of life for our country’s truck drivers.

Currently, these self-driving vehicles will remain on the highway. They’ll still rely on drivers to complete the start and the end of each trip, which keeps humans behind the wheel for the more complex work.

The Role of Motorized Trailer Dollies

Motorized trailer dollies can be very useful in Uber’s new venture. The trailers have to be swapped at some point once the highway travel has been completed. Using manpower to do this can be time-consuming, but it can also be dangerous for the driver. With the right tools, trailers can be moved easily and quickly, getting both vehicles back on the road in no time.

The Future of Automated Trucks

Right now, every Uber self-driving truck has a driver in it at all times. They’re working toward making them completely driverless. There’s no telling what the future holds.

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