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Safety Assessment May Just Get You an OSHA Paid Dumpster Caddy

By January 21, 2017 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Safety Assessment May Just Get You an OSHA Paid Dumpster Caddy

Quality Staff Gets You Quality Equipment

Prevention is so critical to worker safety that OSHA has grant money available for ergonomic tools like dumpster moving equipment. Award recipients include non-profit organizations as well as labor unions, private firms, and certain other groups, so it’s possible for your workers to benefit from free safety equipment in almost any kind of workplace.

A Minnesota workman’s compensation insurance consultant’s article describes the availability and process of applying for an OSHA training grant. These funds are available through the Susan Harwood grant program, and there are various other state-level grant programs that can award free ergonomic equipment. Check with your state’s OSHA department (or your province’s OHSA in Canada) for equipment grants.

Get Started on Improving Warehouse Safety

Safety consultant Rob Neisius recently explained his take on training employees about ergonomics: instead of responding to one employee’s request for assistance, go ahead and assume that all of their coworkers could benefit from ergonomics training and equipment.

Neisius recommends asking the whole team for questions, feedback, and input. Follow that up with group training and new tools like dumpster moving equipment or cart caddies, and the organization will benefit from better health and productivity all around.

Then, you can explore a Susan Harwood Grant application. OSHA recommends that you prepare for the application by gathering and organizing information. This grant is more likely to be approved if the request is focused and informed, with a specific plan for implementing the ergonomic equipment and training employees to use it.

Are your employees currently pushing heavy waste containers by hand? If so, go ahead and look into dumpster moving equipment from DJ Products for safe and ergonomic solutions to your industrial safety needs.

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