Warehouse Tips

Warehouse Tips

Warehouse managers are constantly searching for ways to improve productivity while keeping expenses low. One solution is our electric warehouse equipment, which reduces operating costs and frees up employees for other tasks.

While technology is the source of many options, one relatively low-tech product is making a splash in 2019. Companies are turning to rubber pallet bands as an effective alternative to costly and time-consuming pallet wrapping.

Small Change, Big Savings

Fastmile Logistics, a last-mile delivery service covering the Southeast United States, had a goal to reduce packaging and disposal costs. The specific target was plastic pallet wrap, which was running an average of $14,000 per year.

Fastmile’s search led them to rubber pallet bands, and in 2014 they began a test program in their Orlando warehouse. According to general manager Brad Ward, average annual product savings have been approximately $5,000.

Benefits of Rubber Pallet Bands

Ward explained the multiple benefits he and his employees discovered with the use of rubber pallet bands:

– Band application takes a single employee a matter of mere seconds, compared to other methods which require at least two workers.

– The bands automatically snap into place without damaging the product.

– In addition to product and labor costs, use of rubber pallet bands results in lower trash costs. Ward estimated their warehouse saves at least $200 each year.

– Based on product mix, outgoing loads almost always had to be unwrapped and rewrapped, causing a significant drain on time. Wrapping products with rubber pallet bands has eliminated this inefficiency.

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