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Recyclable Corrugated Pallets and Their Advantages

By July 10, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Recyclable Corrugated Pallets and Their Advantages

Recyclable Corrugated Pallets and Their Advantages

In the United States, over two billion pallets are made annually and are the quintessential warehouse equipment. Pallets are vital for maintaining the integrity of a product, for storage and make tasks like moving and loading products much simpler. Still, they don’t last forever and they take up space in delivery.

Disposal of wooden pallets after breakage is costly and time-consuming. When they fail, injury to hard-working employees could occur. Recyclable corrugated pallets are the newer, safer, durable, and more cost-effective solution for multiple warehouse tasks.

Pros to Corrugated Pallets

Corrugated pallets have many benefits that appeal to the warehouse industries. Here are a few of them:

– They pack well. Unlike bulky wooden pallets, they ship flat taking up less space, which means lower shipping cost.

– Plastic and wooden pallets are weighty and difficult to move efficiently. Corrugated pallets are much lighter in weight, in part because of the alternative material used.

– The recyclable corrugated pallets are very customizable. They even come with water-resistant options. This works well for those who require warehouse equipment that can be adjusted to fit specific needs.

– Because they are recyclable, disposal of the corrugated pallets lower cost and the risk of injury by deconstruction.

Reliability Pays Dividends

In the same way, the right battery powered machinery can prevent injury by allowing for less employee-to-equipment contact, upping efficiency, and lowering labor costs.

Like the reliability, durability, and problem-solving of corrugated pallets, DJ products are tested and trusted to create simple solutions to tough problems. If you are seeking ways to keep your valued employees safe on the job, ease the workload with high-quality warehouse equipment that stands up under the weight of the load. Click here to find out more!

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