Innovations that Help Property Managers

Innovations that Help Property Managers

Like many great entrepreneurs, John Bialk started a company with an idea that solves a problem: tenants’ noise complaints to property managers.

Bialk lamented the feeling of “waiting for bad things to happen.” His idea was to create a device and an app to alert property management when noise gets out of hand — so management can proactively respond and situations and have data that tells the facts.

Money Magazine recently profiled Bialk and his new business, Quietyme. After partnering up with a computer programmer and quitting his day job in 2013, Bialk has turned his idea into a company worth millions.

Property managers (as well as those in hospitality and healthcare) are loving the features of Quietyme. Small devices collect data about noise, temperature, humidity, and light. When the software detects something that might indicate a problem, management gets an alert on the mobile app.

When a tenant starts partying loudly at 1 a.m., the Quietyme app knows it even before another tenant complaints. Broken air conditioner? The device will know that something is wrong.

The Power of a Simple Solution

Bialk’s story shows that great ideas can provide massive value to other businesses — especially in the form of solutions that make common problems easier to manage.

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