Save Money and Treat Safety First.

Save Money and Treat Safety First.

Do you think a dumpster mover is an unnecessary expense? Maybe you believe your employees can handle the job just fine. Here are three big reasons why you need a dumpster mover for your workplace today.

1. Safety

Are you aware that the trash room is the top area for injuries in a multi-family property? When employees manually move heavy dumpsters through tight quarters and across rough surfaces, they put themselves, and by extension you as their employer, at risk.

2. Efficiency

One of our satisfied clients expressed it best when she said that a dumpster mover from DJ Products is “like having another employee on staff.” It lets a single employee of any age, size and gender move a heavy dumpster with ease, freeing up the second employee for other tasks.

Battery-powered dumpster movers reduce another source of inefficiency. When employees are injured, they have to be replaced with someone who usually has less experience, costing you time and money.

3. Risk

The average trash room injury claim through workers compensation is $40,000. If that’s not enough to frighten you, the change in your Experience Modification Rate (E-MOD) can mean an increase to your insurance premium of approximately $120,000 over three years.

Save Money and Time with Dumpster Movers from DJ Products

Why continue rolling the dice with workplace safety? Our popular WasteCaddy dumpster mover can pull up to 5,000 pounds up and down inclines and across ice and snow.

Visit our website today and use the handy online chat feature to learn more about our full line of motorized dumpster movers from our knowledgeable sales engineers.