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It’s Our Most Popular – the WasteCaddyLite Dumpster Mover

By November 24, 2017March 20th, 2020No Comments
, It’s Our Most Popular – the WasteCaddyLite Dumpster Mover

Your Staff Needs Our Most Popular Dumpster Mover the WasteCaddy Lite

Nobody likes hassling with a heavy dumpster. That’s why our powered dumpster mover ranks as our most popular product! The WasteCaddyLite uses a battery-powered motor to assist employees who need to push, pull, or maneuver dumpsters. It’s the fastest and safest way to take care of trash duty at an office building or apartment complex.

We have larger options for more industrial needs, but the WasteCaddyLite handles the needs of most facility and property managers. It pushes up to 2,000 pounds at up to 3 miles per hour.

In other words, a powered dumpster mover lets your maintenance staff move the waste container as easily as a shopping cart!

Why Use a Powered Dumpster Mover?

An employee might have enough muscle to push a wheeled dumpster across a parking lot. However, if they do that routinely, a devastating injury is bound to occur.

Lower back strains, pulled muscles, or even spinal damage can occur from manually moving dumpsters. The WasteCaddyLite can keep your all-star janitor happy, productive, and on the clock.

Dumpster injuries also lead to high insurance premiums and costly worker’s compensation claims. Automated equipment reduces the risk and protects your bottom line.

Meet the WasteCaddyLite

We designed our powered dumpster mover with all the features you need. The bracket system can be bolted or welded to virtually any dumpster, and the wheels are safe for icy pavement or gravel.

Even the steering system has an ergonomic design and smooth functionality.

Check out the specs and features of the WasteCaddyLite to see if it suits your needs, or contact DJ Products to request info or a free demo.

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