Manage Your Workplace Risks

Manage Your Workplace Risks

Caring for the sick unfortunately puts healthcare workers at a high risk of getting ill or injured themselves. It’s a stressful line of work with plenty of hazards, ranging from exposure to pathogens to the hazards of working with heavy equipment.

Everyone in a medical facility should be aware of proper safety practices. They include orderlies, nursing aides, and maintenance staff — who face the greatest risk of physical injury from musculoskeletal disorders.

When your healthcare organization discusses safety and injury prevention, be sure to include ergonomic concerns and repetitive task injuries. These issues rank up there with the top healthcare injuries according to OH&S Online:

1. Bloodborne pathogens can be controlled with proper handwashing and wearing safety equipment, along with proper equipment cleaning.

2. Sharps injuries usually occur when storing or transferring the instrument. Use locked safety boxes for storage and pass them in basins.

3. Musculoskeletal injuries are caused by high-effort and repetitive tasks. Common factors include lifting patients from beds and pushing equipment carts. Use powered hospital carts to move equipment and maintenance supplies, and use slings and hoists to move patients whenever possible.

4. Chemical risks require constant vigilance — have safety sheets handy and make sure workers are using protective equipment and safe practices.

5. Fire risks are higher in hospitals than many other workplaces because of the chemicals present. Regularly review your fire response protocol with all workers.

Injury risks for healthcare employees cannot be eliminated, but they can be managed. Automated equipment is a big part of the solution, including powered hospital carts to help move equipment and maintenance supplies. Contact DJ Products for more info about our cart movers.