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New Military Bomb Designs are Evaluated for 2019

By February 24, 2019 January 27th, 2020 No Comments
Be Prepared For Every Outcome. Safety is Key.

Be Prepared For Every Outcome. Safety is Key.

Being able to remove suspected bombs or other explosive devices from airports and other places as safely as possible is crucial. Having a bomb caddy on site provides a safe and effective way to accomplish this. If you work in an environment that faces these types of potential threats, staying updated on the latest munitions news can be helpful. Learn more about recent Air Force news about lethal munitions.

Researchers Call for New Bomb Designs

Air Force researchers have been discussing the need for new and improved munitions for modern battlefields. Being able to face potential adversaries in a war, such as China or Russia, means that the Air Force needs to have munitions that are more powerful and provide better precision.

Up-to-date design features would give our forces the advantage if a war broke out with another nation that has advanced weaponry. Researchers have stated that the Air Force is working on maximizing the effects of new munitions rather than minimizing them, which was one strategy of the past.

Peer-Level Threats

The Air Force researchers who are calling for newer designs are concerned about ensuring that the U.S. is ready to handle peer-level or near peer-level threats in terms of power and weaponry. This means making sure that the Air Force has the most updated munitions designs possible. Researchers are expected to continue pushing for this to happen and have begun looking into newer designs this year.

If you are looking into getting a bomb caddy, visit DJ Products. These products are designed to safely carry bombs or other explosive devices, as well as other kinds of items in public spaces.

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