How Can We Better Approach the Evolving World of Warehouses in the Digital Era?

In the past, warehouses have traditionally centered around physical labor and manual processes. Today, technology has been making its presence felt in sophisticated warehouse equipment and operational methods.

Here are five major trends that are currently shaping the direction of modern warehouse operations.

Big Data

Technology gives warehouse management access to an unprecedented amount of data. With careful and efficient analysis, this data can enable a greater degree of accuracy in functions such as predicting customer demand and identifying areas that need improvement.

Driverless Vehicles and Autonomous Equipment

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV), the first wave of driverless vehicles, have limited movement and require significant human intervention. The field is transitioning to semi-autonomous vehicles, which will eventually give way to fully autonomous vehicles that operate entirely on their own.

Autonomous equipment ranges from conveyor systems and scales to automated storage solutions. In the next three to five years, many warehouses will make significant moves to integrate robotics for tasks such as order picking and palletizing.

Mobile Devices

While mobile technology has been implemented in warehouses for more than 10 years, it’s been restricted to RFID and handheld barcode readers. Tablets and smartphones are familiar to nearly everyone, so it’s been a natural process to bring these devices into the warehouse industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the influx of available data, IoT facilitates collection by tracking and coordinating the relevant warehouse equipment.

Cloud Computing

As mobile devices become a bigger part of warehouse operations, their low cost of ownership and small IT footprint have made cloud technology an effective solution.

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