During the holiday season there are more travelers on the road, in the air and of course in hotel rooms.  Families are making the mad dash all over the country, jumping from one hotel to the next, in order to try and spend some time with relatives who don’t live close by during this special time of year.  While this massive increase in guests can be great for a hotel’s finances, in can be very difficult on the housekeeping crew if they don’t have the proper equipment to work with.

Housekeeping crews have a very short window of time to clean the rooms of guests who are checking out and to prepare them for the arrival of new guests.  In larger hotels, this could mean stripping, cleaning and remaking hundreds of rooms in the period of just a few short hours.  In order to get the job done properly, within time constraints and without risking injury, bust housekeeping crews need the help of a powered housekeeping cart.

Having to manually push or pull a fully loaded housekeeping cart down narrow, heavily carpeted hallways is a slow and inefficient process that can ultimately result in employee injury.  A powered housekeeping cart from DJ Products can easily haul loads of necessary supplies weighing up to seven hundred pounds at speeds of up to three miles per hour.  This can drastically cut down on the amount of time that it takes to perform regular duties and minimizes the chances for employee injuries.

The powered housekeeping cart runs on long lasting batteries that are capable of continuous operation over the course of a full eight hour shift.  This allows housekeeping employees to completely focus on the necessary tasks at hand without having to worry about stopping to refuel or recharge when going about their duties.

As the amount of travelers increases over the course of the holiday season, the job of the housekeeping staff becomes much more difficult.  Having access to properly designed equipment, like the powered housekeeping cart, helps employees keep up with the increase in workload without increasing chances for injury.