Hospital and nursing home employees have some very difficult duties to perform on a daily basis.  Linen, laundry and food carts are very easy to push for a single person when they are empty, but start piling on trays full of food or dozens and dozens of sets of bedding and soiled clothing and these carts and get pretty heavy.  A fully loaded cart could easily top out at around a thousand pounds, and for a lone employee that can be quite a bit of weight to bear.The main problem for making these jobs easier lies in the fact that many hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes have small rooms, narrow hallways and tight quarters in which to operate in general – so trying to move a big and bulky piece of machinery to help you with your duties would be all but impossible.Thankfully, the Electric Tugger from DJ Products is designed specifically for operation in the narrowest of hallways and tightest of quarters so employees can handle these carts at their heaviest without the fear of strain.  The Electric Tugger is also ergonomically designed to keep overuse injuries at a minimum and to cut down on potential sick days and workman’s compensation claims.An Electric Tugger can also dramatically increase the speed at which hospital and nursing home employees perform these duties.  Patients and residents can receive their food and have their rooms cleaned faster and this means that rooms and hallways will be clear of clutter for more of the day.  Clear rooms and hallways are a necessity in these types of facilities to ensure that emergency personnel have the room to operate if necessary.An Electric Tugger cuts down on the chance of over exertion and lets any employee move fully loaded carts quickly, easily and helps to keep residents safe by allowing the staff to keep rooms and hallways clear.  These jobs have been done without the help of equipment for years, but now that there is an Electric Tugger that can help get the job done more safely and efficiently, more and more facilities are attacking these necessary duties the smart way rather than the hard way.