Manager in Lumber Warehouse Holding Clipboard

Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency with These Tips.

Do you believe you have to implement major changes to improve efficiency in your warehouse? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Attention to seemingly minor steps will pay huge dividends in the bottom line. These warehouse management tips include four areas you can improve with just a bit of tweaking.

1. Always double-check orders

Even the best employees will occasionally make mistakes. The average cost of resending an order is more than double the amount of sending the original order. Can your company absorb these repeated expenses? Set a policy that all orders must be double-checked before leaving the warehouse.

2. Don’t forget the housekeeping

Look around your warehouse. Are you proud of its appearance, or is it cluttered and disorganized? It’s difficult for your employees to work quickly if they have to search for pick tickets, supplies or other necessary items. Establish a standing time each week to spend an hour or two cleaning the warehouse. 

3. Stay organized

Keeping the warehouse clean will be easier when employees take the time to maintain order with items that are frequently used. Having a home for everything reduces waste and makes optimum use of available space.

4. Have your senior employees walk the floor

It’s always helpful to have some fresh eyes look at the operation. “Outsiders” are more likely to spot a problem that has become ingrained in daily activities.

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