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Lift the Burden from Your Staff with the Easy to Use WasteCaddyLite – Trash Container Mover

WasteCaddyLite, Lift the Burden from Your Staff with the Easy to Use WasteCaddyLite – Trash Container Mover

DJ Products WasteCaddyLite

Did you know that most injuries at a multi-family property occur in the trash room? Create a safer workplace while saving time, money and manpower with the WasteCaddyLite Trash Container Mover from DJ Products.

Why Choose the WasteCaddyLite?

Due to their bulky size and weight, most trash containers require two or more people to move them. Even with the additional manpower, the containers are difficult to maneuver around corners and through tight spaces. Add it up and the result is a prime scenario for injuries.

Enter the WasteCaddyLite, an electric mover designed to take the stress and strain out of moving trash containers, a regular activity at any multi-family property. As DJ Products’ Jeremy Nuehring explains, “The WasteCaddyLite will lighten the work load, open up maintenance staff’s availability for other tasks at their buildings, and reduce the possibilities of workers comp claims with the click of a button.”

First-Hand Testimony from a Satisfied Customer

Linda Kadel, Community Manager from First Service Residential, offers this perspective from actual users of the WasteCaddyLite Trash Container Mover:

“I would like to thank you once again for your assistance and guidance in our purchase of WasteCaddyLites for our ten buildings. Our porters are certainly appreciative of the burden that has been lifted from their daily chores. One porter is able to handle their own building with ease. Prior to this, it took a team to move a full dumpster.”

Ms. Kadel goes on to say that First Service has been using the WasteCaddyLites for nearly a year with no performance issues.

WasteCaddyLite Features and Benefits
  • A single person can move trash containers weighing up to 2,000 pounds.
  • 36-volt, 3-battery system provides a convenient and eco-friendly power source.
  • The compact design allows for easy maneuvering around corners and through tight passages.
  • Wheels offer solid traction up and down inclines as well as during harsh weather conditions.


Material Handling Solutions from DJ Products

Learn more about what makes the WasteCaddyLite Trash Container Mover the perfect solution for your multi-family property. Contact us at DJ Products and let our friendly, knowledgeable sales engineers explain why the WasteCaddyLite is your #1 choice.