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Increase Efficiency and Safety with a Car Pusher

By September 14, 2015 March 10th, 2020 No Comments

If you own a car care center or car dealership that offers repairs or then you probably already know that vehicle manufacturers use car pushers to help keep things moving during the assembly process but you may not have considered how a car pusher can be an asset in your business as well. explained why a car pusher could be a good investment:
“A good car pusher is not very big and it is compact, thus allowing pushing and even pulling wheeled equipment. Such a pusher is a good investment because it allows a business to save workmen hours. Imagine for example working in a car repair center and having to push cars around all day long. Your body will be tired and you will have aching muscles or even worse strained muscles.”

A CarCaddy car pusher from DJ Products makes it much easier to move cars, trucks, buses and even RVs. This makes things so much safer for your employees and your customers as well. Your employees will not feel as strained and even if you don’t allow customers near the work area, your facility will be safer overall because our car pushers can help move vehicles even in tight quarters. Workers who experience muscle strain that does not require them to stop working may be reluctant to speak up but their work will suffer and you want your workers at their best.

Call us at 800-686-2651 to learn more about the CarCaddy and other material handling solutions such as electric carts that can make your workplace more efficient.

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