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Property Managers

Property managers execute day-to-day operations while also offering strategic insight. The right individual will perform reliably and suggest new methods of reducing costs or improving market value.

Lock down the nitty-gritty details to make sure that your new property manager will do the job as you see fit, and conform to your expectations. Recommendations from condo expert Marilyn Lincoln include:

  • Check references in the manager’s portfolio
  • Look for candidates with ideas to improve operating efficiency and market value of the property
  • Address decision-making authority and delineate the chain of command in the contract
  • Agree to method and timeliness of communications
  • Have a lawyer review the contract
  • Hire a manager who performs well under pressure and goes “the extra mile” to find solutions

You want a property manager who can implement money-saving solutions that improve your own bottom line. For example, our dumpster movers can be used to automate the task of pushing a dumpster across the property or to the collection area. Motorized dumpster movers can be operated by virtually anyone. Could this automated solution reduce the number of employees you need? Would an employee injury due to stressful physical labor cripple your budget?

Great property managers conduct this sort of problem solving and cost-benefit analysis everyday. Make sure you hire a managerial brain, with ideas about how to improve property management effectiveness.

At DJ Products, our battery-powered dumpster movers and waste bin tows represent an incredible source of value for your condo or apartment complex. Talk to us about the solutions we offer, and make sure your next manager investigates solutions for boosting efficiency and reducing worker injuries.