Hospitals Struggle With Management

Hospitals Struggle With Management

We’ve all heard inspiring tales of a CEO who began his or her career at the lowest levels of the company — as a dishwasher, night stocker, or hospital orderly. Today’s employment makes such bottom-to-top ascension more of a rarity. However, businesses can still receive great value by empowering employees to move up the chain of command.

In the health care industry, management personnel must understand every facet of workflow. In order to deliver great patient care, management teams and executives benefit from an understanding of how every part works together.

As the magazine Hospitals & Health Networks recently explained, the complex and constantly evolving nature of health care makes it vital for management to take a comprehensive approach:

  • Maximum efficiency: hospitals need managers who understand operational procedures on a deep level, including logistical concerns  such as hospital cart movement.
  • Holistic overview: employees who have served in various capacities within a hospital can spot areas in need of improvement and emerging trends.
  • Leadership: promoting from within strengthens the effectiveness of hospital management.

One good place to start: make hiring decisions at every level with potential leadership skills in mind. Modern tools and technology like our motorized caddies for hospital cart movement allow hospitals to fill physically demanding positions, such as orderly or nurse assistant, with the applicant who has the best mind and personality for the job. By empowering that employee with ergonomic solutions that let them perform tasks under less physical stress, the employee can blossom other talents including management and leadership skills.

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