Technology Should Make Working Easier. That is the Future. A more Efficient Workplace.

Technology Should Make Working Easier. That is the Future. A more Efficient Workplace.

How should logistics use blockchain? Can technology help businesses make up for a shortage of skilled labor? These are some of the burning questions for logistics in 2019. We’re in a strong business climate, but forecasters like PwC say that two-thirds of T&L CEOs expect technology and other factors to substantially disrupt their business.

Now let’s look at how companies will be using technology to change the game. Yard trucks and other material handling equipment are helping workers of all skill levels. On the digital side, we’re seeing a new generation of logistics tools that use blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

The Machines Are Taking Over…

While the media likes to cover automation that eliminates jobs, most warehouses are using robotics and smart equipment to empower their employees. In 2019, logistics technology is helping businesses make up for the skill gap.

Trends for more efficient logistics include resources such as:

– Predictive AI for inventory, scheduling, deliveries, etc.

– Blockchain and distributed ledgers for security in the supply chain

– Augmented reality (AR) to design an efficient warehouse, find items quickly, scan for shipping, etc.

But We Still Need Tools for Warehouse Workers

Various forms of electro-mobility are empowering businesses to get more productivity and efficiency out of warehouse workers.

Look at the electric yard trucks from DJ Products for an example. You don’t need to waste a CDL driver by asking them to move trailers around the dock or freight yard. Now, any dock worker can shift a semi-trailer using an easy tow dolly. It’s fast, precise, and less expensive than a shunt truck to own and operate.

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