Could an Eco Friendly Semi Be on the Way?

Could an Eco Friendly Semi Be on the Way?

An eco-friendly semi truck might sound as realistic as a unicorn, but it may be closer than you think. A startup in Utah is banking on being the first company to roll out this game-changing vehicle.

The New Face of Trucking?

Nikola Motor Company, the namesake of legendary engineer Nikola Tesla, has an experimental truck called One on its virtual drawing board. One’s aerodynamic design and hybrid drivetrain show promise as a major step toward a greener trucking industry.

The sophisticated drivetrain consists of electric motors, lithium-ion batteries and an on-board turbine, which kicks in when the batteries run low. Unlike electric cars, these trucks won’t need to be periodically plugged in.

Take Advantage of Multiple Fuel Sources

While the turbine is intended to run primarily on compressed natural gas (CNG), it can also burn diesel fuel or gasoline. Nikola’s initial plan is to build a nationwide network of 50 CNG stations drawing on the company’s own natural gas wells, with more stations to be added if the program takes off.

Currently the One exists only as a computer-generated concept, with no word as to when an actual prototype will debut. However, Nikola has been accepting fully refundable $1,500 deposits, with the first 5,000 orders to include one million miles worth of free fuel.

DJ Products Bridges the Present and the Future

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