Stainless steel versions of our dolly pusher and puller products

The CartCaddy™, manufactured by DJProducts, Inc. of Minneapolis, is a small, maneuverable, walk behind battery-powered dolly pusher and puller for heavy carts and wheeled equipment. The dolly pusher is designed to prevent the strains and pains on employees caused by the manual pushing and pulling of carts in manufacturing and distribution environments.Stainless steel cart pusher

DJProducts introduced their stainless steel model of their equipment pusher and dolly puller models for food, pharmaceutical, and all companies that have concerns in extremely sterile environments where paint or powder coatings are prohibited. The stainless steel dolly pusher and power puller units can now be utilized in these areas and reduce the risk of a potential strain or pain.

Strains, pains, and injuries due to over-extending the body can become very costly on employers. Cost conscious ergonomic and safety equipment, like the CartCaddy™, when used for prevention can easily pay for itself almost immediately.

The CartCaddys dolly pusher variable speed twist grips allow it to easily maneuver up to 15,000 lb. carts in tight areas. With its compact, 36-volt motor being powered by 3 12v batteries, the unit can perform without re-charging for an entire shift.

For more detailed information information about our stainless steel dolly pusher and power puller units, along with pictures and a video on the solution that solved this application, please view the CartCaddy dolly tug pusher