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Could Your Fleet Qualify for an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Exemption?

By April 13, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Check to See if Your Fleet May Be Eligible

Check to See if Your Fleet May Be Eligible

The electronic logging device mandate has stirred up a polarizing debate. Some call the rule “Orwellian,” while others insist only those guilty of fudging paper records are upset. Many fleets are happily incorporating ELDs by using terminal tractors to reduce wait times with faster trailer towing around the docks. Still, you may be wondering if you qualify for an ELD exemption.

An owner-operator exemption request has not prevailed thus far. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has only granted a handful of ELD exemptions and waivers. These apply to old vehicles and situations where other safety measures are deemed sufficient:

– Vehicles manufactured before 2000

– Drivers who don’t use paper logs more than 8 days a month

– Trucks rented for 30 days or less; waiver through April 19, 2018

– Trucks rented for 8 days or less; exempt through October 11, 2022

– Agricultural commodities; waiver through June 18, 2018

– UPS drivers; exempt through January 19, 2022

– MPAA commercial drivers; exempt through January 19, 2023

Additionally, vehicles with the old AOBRDs are enjoying a two-year grandfathering period before a required upgrade by December 16, 2019.

Satisfy ELD and HOS Rules with Terminal Tractors

DJ Products can help your fleet comply with ELD mandates by using our TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor. These replace your shunt trucks and any employee can operate them, so your CDL drivers don’t need to waste time moving trailers in and out of docks.

Terminal tractors save time and money. A TrailerCaddy costs less than 25 percent as much as a shunt truck, yet easily moves trailers up to 100,000 pounds and provides a long battery life.

For more info about how our terminal tractors can help ease the burden of ELD and hours-of-service rules, contact DJ Products today.

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