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Colorado Adds Human Trafficking Prevention Training to CDL Requirements

By July 2, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Colorado Adds Human Trafficking Prevention Training to CDL Requirements

Colorado Adds Human Trafficking Prevention Training to CDL Requirements

In 2016, the state of Colorado saw a 56 percent increase in human trafficking cases. The trucking industry is taking notice. Recently, human trafficking prevention was added to semi trailer movers’ requirements for acquiring a CDL.

Exercising proper safety measures is vital to all things related to the transfer of products, especially to those involved in the warehouse/trucking business. Similarly, DJ Products, a company that strives to provide quality machinery so that safety requirements are met, embodies that same care for human life by providing applicable solutions to the potential hazards in the industry.

Using Products to Protect

Safeguarding human lives is a priority. By putting in place machinery that lightens the workload and lowers the amount of work-related accidents, the potential for human error begins to evaporate. Semi trailer movers use precision machinery to make their tasks easier and to increase efficiency.

Products like the Yard Dog/Terminal Tractor move loads that weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds and allow workers to focus on other important tasks. Drivers and warehouse workers often work long hours and in human trafficking prevention, being aware is key. Increased hours of labor wreaks havoc on mental awareness.

The ability to observe surroundings more thoroughly because of the utilization of prime machinery can help stop the influx of human trafficking.

Giving to Get

Affordable solutions like time-saving, durable machinery may seem too simplistic to solve big problems, but like in human trafficking, simple changes create impactful results. At DJ Products, semi trailer movers benefit from the products we provide. Enduring, fail-safe machinery allows employees to use their energy for the benefit of many. Contact DJ Products today and find out how our products facilitate safety!

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