Making Donations

Everybody wins when businesses partner up with charities to help make a difference. For Don Rodman, decades of devotion to hosting and promoting events for causes that are dear to him have not only made him a beloved figure in his community, but contributed over $100 million to a variety of nonprofits.

The Boston Globe recently profiled Rodman, a Ford dealership owner in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Since 1990, his Rodman Ride for Kids has raised funds and awareness for youth programs in his home state. He’s been called upon by other charities to help improve their events, and he’s even been recognized by Pope John Paul II for his charitable work.

A Story of Partnering for Good

Rodman likes to say that anybody can get involved in philanthropy. His story shows that what may start as a small idea can grow over time into a rallying point with profound impact.

One important form of motivation is that Rodman increases his personal donation when an event reaches an ambitious but realistic fundraising goal. His auto dealership also covers operational costs for the events, so donors know their money goes where it’s needed.

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