Making Our Planet Cleaner and More Inhabitable is Invaluable to Sustainability.

Making Our Planet Cleaner and More Inhabitable is Invaluable to Sustainability.

At DJ products, we know how important technology can be in addressing waste management issues, whether it’s a trash hauler to make toting trash safer, or a dumpster mover to more efficiently shuttle waste. And we’re not alone.

Every day, product designers and industry professionals are changing the waste management landscape. How are their innovative new ideas paving the way for a brighter future? 

Waste as a Renewable Energy Source

The capacity to turn waste into power is one of the most significant innovations in the industry. Rather than breaking down in the landfill, new machinery called ‘digesters’ can convert waste and the biogas that it produces and turn it into energy for use on-site.

This process is compatible with food waste, animal waste, agricultural byproducts, and more. Bioreactors, micro-turbines, and fuel cells can likewise achieve similar results.

Improving the Recyclability of Precious Metals

New recycling methods, such as plasma arc recycling for platinum, can recover greater amounts of this precious metal, making them available for reuse in the automotive, technology, and chemical sectors. Look for new technology to achieve the same with palladium, iridium, and other metals.

Boosting Route Efficiency

Advanced software that optimizes collection routes improves fuel efficiency and reduces energy usage. 

Recycling Screening Technology

Sensors that alert waste management pros when bins are full reduce the likelihood of recyclables being tossed in the trash. New screening technology also sorts recycling, taking this task out of the hands of consumers and increasing recycling rates.

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