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Best in Class Electric Car Pusher Solves Dealers’ Vehicle Movement Problems

By December 21, 2021No Comments
CarCaddy, Best in Class Electric Car Pusher Solves Dealers’ Vehicle Movement Problems

Electric Car Pusher Solves Dealers’ Vehicle Movement Problems

Superman can move cars and other vehicles with the touch of a finger. Unfortunately, for mere mortals, this time-consuming process can result in damage and injuries. Turn your employees into superheroes with the CarCaddy, our electric car pusher from DJ Products.

Why the CarCaddy Is the Solution for Your Dealership

How many hours are spent each day moving cars, trucks and trailers around at your auto lot or service center? Safety risk creates a greater cost, as injured employees are restricted to light duty or have to miss work altogether.

When the vehicle in question is stalled or inoperative, the process is even more involved. Manually pushing a car or truck overextends the body and places undue strain on muscles and joints. Employees will often resort to pushing the stalled vehicle with another vehicle, which is likely to cause expensive damage to one or both.

Our CarCaddy keeps your business running smoothly and protects your employees from injury. When used on flat ground, the CarCaddy allows a single person to move loads of 20,000 pounds. On a three percent grade, this sturdy mover can push 10,000 pounds with ease.

The electric car pusher is eco-friendly, operating on battery power instead of fuel. Customers also appreciate the CarCaddy’s compact size that enables it to maneuver vehicles around corners and through tight spaces.

Features of the CarCaddy

Here are some of the features that make the CarCaddy such a cost-effective and powerful tool for any auto yard:

* The CarCaddy operates on three 12-volt batteries, with a charger that’s compatible with 120/220 AC outlets.

* A high-tech speed controller and neutral throttle braking provide safe operation.

* The variable speed handlebar twist grip is ergonomically designed to lessen repetitive motion injuries.

* The adaptable push pad protects bumpers, eliminating the risk of marks or other damage.

* Optional features include winter weather tires, flashing lights and heavy-duty upgrades to handle vehicles up to 50,000 pounds.

Find the Electric Car Pusher at DJ Products

The CarCaddy is just one of the state-of-the-art material handling products from DJ Products. Call 800.686.2651 or use our convenient online chat feature to learn more from our helpful Sales Engineers.