Amazon is Moving Into More Verticals Impacting Sales

Amazon is Moving Into More Verticals Impacting Sales

There’s a good chance your business relies on Amazon services one way or another. It’s even more likely that you view Amazon Fulfillment as a competitor. One recent survey showed that 92% of distributors are feeling pressure from the online behemoth.

As the supply chain faces increasing pressure these days, how is your warehouse keeping up? Whether it’s picking merchandise faster with fancy robots or moving trailers around the yard more efficiently with a semi truck tow dolly, everyone needs to find an edge.

Top-of-mind concerns for distributors in 2018, according to Supply Chain Dive, include:

– Emerging technology

– Online sales

– Outsourced warehousing

– Regulatory effects on pricing

Constant change is the new norm. Amazon’s acquisitions frequently remake the landscape. Distributors find themselves partnering with Amazon Fulfillment even as the company feels like a competitive pressure. It’s becoming more likely that your warehouse serves as a commerce distribution center rather than a transport service for shipping goods to brick-and-mortar stores.

So, what does all this mean? The supply chain industry must operate as efficiently as possible while embracing new technology and equipment to stay lean.

Ship Faster with a Better Terminal Tractor

Speedy warehouses are only effective when the products can get on the road faster. Are you paying licensed shunt truck drivers to move trailers in and around the docks?

A highly maneuverable semi truck tow dolly like our TrailerCaddy Electric Yard Dog makes quick work of moving trailers. It’s safer, faster, less expensive to buy, and less expensive to operate.

Find out what the TrailerCaddy semi truck tow dolly can do to streamline your warehouse distribution and help your business operate as efficiently as the online giants. Contact DJ Products for a free demo or more info.