Say Hello to Tesla's Newest Fleet Additions. Add to Your Fleet Today!

Say Hello to Tesla’s Newest Fleet Additions. Add to Your Fleet Today!

Southern California grocery giant Albertsons will soon be facilitating the delivery of goods via Tesla’s latest all-electric semi truck technology. Ten trucks will grace the ranks of the food and drug retailer’s semi-trailer fleet under the Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions names. Will your business’ semi trailer mover and fleet soon be juicing-up side-by-side?

Meeting Supply Chain Efficiency & Sustainability Goals

The purchase of the vehicles is part of Albertson’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. A supporting partner of the EPA’s SmartWay program, Albertson’s fleet of 1,400 trucks are all SmartWay certified, as are 93% of its third-party carriers.

The truck purchases will aid the company in reducing their carbon footprint, upholding their commitment as a positive community partner and steward of the environment. Helping Albertson’s ensure a brighter future, the base and extended-range models of the electric semis, priced at $150,000-$180,000, provide a 300-mile to 500-mile range on a single charge, respectively, using less than 2-kW of energy per mile even with a fully-loaded trailer.

Forget the Noise

The purchases come as a surprise to some, given ongoing negative news surrounding the company including a number of executive departures, speculation of possible financial troubles ,and issues regarding the Tesla Model 3, which left the viability of the company’s semi line in question.

Volvo And Daimler electric models will start delivery as early as next year. NFI Industries, a third-party logistics provider which also ordered 10 Tesla semis, expects delivery some time in 2020, while the production and timing of the delivery of the Albertson’s purchase remains unknown.

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