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A New Partnership Between Drivers and Self-Driving Semi Trucks

By August 9, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
The Future is Self-Driving Trucks

The Future is Self-Driving Trucks

What will the future hold for the trucking industry once automated driving technology further enters the picture? As it turns out, your yard trucks will still be moving cargo for haul by the human labor pool, albeit with a slightly different chain-of-custody. Self-driving truck technology developers are working to ensure a future where drivers and automated vehicles work in-tandem for the safer, more efficient transport of goods.

A Gradual Pathway to Automation

Self-driving trucks won’t be equipped to handle all driving tasks anytime soon. But how human being and automated systems will work together remains an open-ended question, one with many possible answers. What is known: As self-driving trucks start carrying cargo, their limited operational capacity will leave them heavily reliant upon the assistance of drivers in conventional vehicles.

Potential Models:

– Transfer Hub Model
Long-haul trucks tote freight between exits on freeways, then trailers are swapped to local drivers at designated transfer stations.

– Tele-Operation
Autonomous trucks are monitored by remote/offsite backup drivers.

– Truck Platooning
Mixed convoys of piloted and autonomous haulers.

Human Labor Will Remain a Necessity for Trucking Tasks

Current technology will continue to build on readily functional active-safety and driver-assist technology with more automated steering functionality, advanced sensors and software. Eventually they’ll morph into ‘autopilot’ systems – with or without a human backup.

Although structural operations are sure to evolve alongside technology, change will occur at a slower pace as companies tailor their methods of transporting specific types of freight. Technology is expected to move toward a ‘hybrid’ business model – one, hopefully, with more desirable short-haul jobs.

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