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The trash room is the #1 area for injuries in a multi-family property.

Let’s talk trash room safety. Many multifamily properties are standardizing on best practices in the trash room with equipment that reduces risk by moving dumpsters safely. They know that if employees are moving heavy trash dumpsters manually they are putting themselves, and the company, at risk. Finding and keeping reliable maintenance personnel is a challenge. When someone gets hurt on the job from a dumpster moving injury, they will need to replace them with temporary personnel who will be more expensive, and less efficient because they don’t know the property.

Take a look at the resources below to learn how the battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover can keep your employees safe by reducing trash room injuries, and how you can make the case for a WasteCaddy at your property!

Guide to Reducing Risk in the Trash Room

Keeping employees safe from dumpster moving injuries impacts morale, efficiency and job satisfaction. More injuries resulting in workers comp claims happen in the trash room of multi-family properties than any other location.

Help reduce risk in the trash room by checking out our “Property Manager’s Guide” to trash room safety.

Need help making the case for a WasteCaddy at your property?

Watch as Brian Plautz, a risk specialist with Minnesota Comp Advisor, shares why the WasteCaddy is a “best practice” in the trash room helping to reduce injuries and increase efficiency.

Brian Plautz, MN Comp Advisor
Contact Brian at 612-236-1779 or bplautz@minnesotacompadvisor.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

Click here for more safety tips from MN Comp Advisors.

The #1 Way to Reduce Risk in the Trash Room

The #1 area of risk in a multi-family property is the trash room. Injuries related to moving dumpsters account for the majority of those injuries. Slips, Falls, strained backs and shoulder injuries account for thousands of hours of lost productivity, and millions of dollars in increased workers comp insurance premiums. Companies like yours buy the WasteCaddy dumpster to improve trash room safety, and reduce trash room injuries.

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