WasteCaddy Reduces Labor in the Trash Room

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Reduce labor when moving dumpsters, find 8 more hours a week.

Moving dumpsters manually is risky…. but it’s also time consuming. In fact, due to the high risk for injury, most property management companies (and their insurance companies) require that TWO employees move dumpsters out of the trash room for hauler pick up. That is double-the-time, and it’s half as efficient as it could be. The battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover is purpose-built to boost productivity while reducing staff to move heavy dumpsters in the trash room.

Now ONE employee of any age, strength or gender can move heavy trash dumpsters, by themselves; Improving efficiency by reducing labor in the trash room, SAFELY!

Double Efficiency in the Trash Room

Double Efficiency in the Trash Room

before-efficiencyHere is the current Math: 

The total investment of time is 16 hours

(2 hours x 2 employees x 4 days a week)

after-efficiencyHere is the NEW math:

The total investment of time is now 8 hours

(2 hours x 1 employee x 4 days a week)

Here’s a real example from one of our customers…

A high-rise apartment building in Miami has trash picked up 4 times a week. For safety reasons, and to reduce potential workers comp claims, the company’s policy requires that TWO employees move those heavy dumpsters from the trash room to curb side for hauler pick-up. On trash pick-up days, it takes a total of two hours to move all of the dumpsters out, and back in again when they have been emptied. That is a total of SIXTEEN hours a week. (2 hours, 2 guys, 4 days a week)

With the battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover, ONE employee is able to do the job in the same two hours. This cuts the job time in half, doubles efficiency, and saves 8 hours every week.

What happens to the other 8 hours? Are you kidding me? 8 more hours a week for Maintenance? How about the ability to respond more rapidly to tenant demands, and increase tenant satisfaction? How about 8 more hours a week to tackle preventive maintenance tasks? How about re-allocating those hours to a completely different task that you did not have budget for?

The world is your oyster, and the WasteCaddy is a battery powered mercenary ready to improve efficiency by reducing labor in the trash room while taking on the task of moving your dumpsters safely and efficiently.

Need help making the case for a WasteCaddy at your property?

Watch as Brian Plautz, a risk specialist with Minnesota Comp Advisor, shares why the WasteCaddy is a “best practice” in the trash room helping to reduce injuries and increase efficiency.

Brian Plautz, MN Comp Advisor
Contact Brian at 612-236-1779 or bplautz@minnesotacompadvisor.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

Click here for more safety tips from MN Comp Advisors.

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