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The #1 Way to Reduce Risk in the Trash Room

The #1 area of risk in a multi-family property is the trash room. Injuries related to moving dumpsters account for the majority of those injuries. Slips, Falls, strained backs and shoulder injuries account for thousands of hours of lost productivity, and millions of dollars in increased workers comp insurance premiums. There are three reasons than companies like yours buy the WasteCaddy dumpster mover. Safety, Efficiency, and controlling your Workers Comp premiums.

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Why Customers Choose WasteCaddy…


The trash room is the #1 area for injuries in a multi-family property.


The WasteCaddy can double efficiency in the trash room.


Reduce Workers Comp insurance premiums and lower your E-MOD rating.

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This Waste Caddy Will Make Your Job So Much Easier!
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