Attention Trash Room Equipment Dealers:

Preferred Dealer Rep Opportunity

Your dumpster sale just created a big, potentially hazardous problem for your customer:

The trash room is the most dangerous area on the property, and most properties move them manually or with the wrong equipment (like a forklift).

As a DJ Products’ Dealer, you can add a line item to your POs and make instant commission for solving this enormous Workmans Comp risk for your customer.

You already made the sale. Now make the easiest add-on sales commission ever. Here’s what you get:

  • Direct phone line to a dedicated dealer rep
  • White-labeled sales video showing the WasteCaddy in action in the trash room
  • Custom sales brochure featuring your company’s contact info (not ours)
  • Digital sales assets you can add to your own website’s WasteCaddy landing page
  • Training checklist and “How To” operational videos to give to customers after you make the sale
  • Pre-formatted email sales templates to send to your list of customers and prospects

Complete the form on the right, and we’ll schedule your fast-start onboarding call.


Erin VanHeel
Dealer Program Manager
800-686-2651 x2147