The Battery-Powered Yard Spotter that Moves Trailers Safely and Efficiently

The Always Available, Incredibly Maneuverable Electric Yard Dog that Allows You to Move Trailers at a Moment’s Notice!

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor revolutionizes the way semi-trailers are moved in and around loading docks.

Now, with minimal training, any dock employee can use this semi-trailer tow dolly to simply and safely move semi trailers at a moment’s notice… for one-quarter the cost of a new spotter truck or terminal tractor. This battery-powered yard dog is clean, efficient, low maintenance, and does not require a CDL to operate.

Most importantly, it is ALWAYS AVAILABLE because a broad range of employees can use it to move trailers.

TrailerCaddy Trailer Shifter

The TrailerCaddy Semi-Trailer Tow Dolly

No more depending on an expensive, CDL licensed yard truck driver to be available at a moment’s notice. No more waiting for the trailer shunting service to arrive while your dock door is plugged and loading activities grind to a halt.

The TrailerCaddy semi-trailer mover is battery powered, designed for long run-time between charges, and can be charged by plugging into any 110v outlet.

For more information about the next revolution in moving trailers, call one of our sales engineers and ask about our on-site demo program.

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TrailerCaddy Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart


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Why Customers Choose TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor…


Improve Efficiency

No CDL required. No logging driving hours. Any dock worker can move trailers at moment’s notice.


Improve Control

Smaller and more maneuverable than a Yard Truck. Shift trailers in tight docks/yards.


Improve Safety

Forward facing operation, better site lines, precise steering and improved control backing into the dock.

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Low Cost

Less than one-quarter of the cost of a new shunt truck. No costly shunt truck driver. Eliminate expensive annual maintenance.

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