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Dumpsters that are fully loaded can easily weigh several thousand pounds and designated pick up areas could conceivably be hundreds of yards away from the compactor. Employees that are required to tackle this task without the proper equipment are at a serious risk of injury regardless of the weather outside. Employers who are interested in increasing productivity and keeping workers safe should consider adding a battery powered WasteCaddy dumpster mover to their equipment arsenal. The battery powered dumpster mover can easily handle waste containers weighing up to ten thousand pounds. This easy to use piece of equipment instantly takes a job that would be difficult for two or three employees to handle and makes it safe for a single employee. The battery powered WasteCaddy trash container puller is also highly maneuverable which makes it an ideal piece of equipment for any appartment complex or warehouse environment. A single employee can quickly and safely navigate a fully loaded dumpster down narrow hallways, through bay doors and even up steep inclines with our WasteCaddy dumpster movers.

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Weight 1220 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 36 × 51 in


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