WagonCaddy R/W – Tow Tractor


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The WagonCaddy R/W tow tractor is a battery powered platform cart that carries supplies and equipment from one location to another while the operator either “rides-on” or “walks-along”. The 36 volt, 3 12 volt battery system can travel at speeds of up to 5 mph. The operator can stand on and travel with the electric cart and when arriving to his destination, can step down and slowly walk along side when maneuvering the cart in tight, confirmed spaces. Applications for the WagonCaddy R/W exists in environments where women and elderly employees comprise a large part of the works force. The Electric Cart enables these employees to easily handle the tasks of moving boxes and supplies that otherwise would be left for an employee with more physical strength. The Powered WagonCaddy R/W allows your workforce to be more productive and human resources can hire employees for a position that may require some physical labor without having to take physical power into account.

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Weight 972 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 36 × 65 in


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