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Using the WagonCaddy industrial power mover allows an operator to move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another without manually pushing a cart or carrying the load. Many busy office and warehouse environments receive deliveries of multiple boxes regularly throughout the week. Hauling in and storing deliveries on a cart consisting of heavy boxes of paper, supplies and products can put undue physical stress on employees who don’t have access to a Powered WagonCaddy that can assist with the move. A WagonCaddy from DJ Products can provide an affordable, safe and convenient way for employees to get heavy materials from the receiving area to the appropriate storage area. A motorized cart from DJ Products is very easy to use and can move a heavy load at speeds of up to three miles per hour. This allows any employee of your establishment, regardless of physical strength, to move product and supplies to the required destination with minimal risk of overexertion or injury.

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Weight 975 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 36.5 × 60 in


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