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The TrailercaddyHD Powered Trailer Dolly is designed for moving king pin and covered equipment trailers, as well as campers up to 20,000 lbs. The TrailerCaddy powered dolly has a 3000 lbs hydraulic lift kit designed to lift up king pin, ball, or pintle hitch type of trailer connections. The most common environment requiring a TrailerCaddy are RV and camper dealerships, military bases, and vehicle maintenance locations at government repairs centers. Use the Powered Trailer Mover where constant movement of king pin wheeled equipment in areas typically too confined for conventional fork trucks or large tow vehicles. The TrailerCaddy power, size, and price tag make it a more effective and affordable alternative or risking a possible injury from employees strong-arming the equipment. The powered trailer dolly is less bulky than the traditional electric trailer puller product, which results in fewer accidents and lower maintenance costs. Increased control over the trailer mover in tightly confined areas also causes minimal damage to surrounding parts and equipment compared to other electric puller products.

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Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 48 × 65 in


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