CartCaddyShorty- Motorized Cart Puller


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This cart puller is the smallest, most maneuverable tug available on the market, and still has plenty of power to handle most push or pull applications. The most common application for the tuggers is the cart with two front swivel casters and two straight casters. The CartCaddyShorty cart puller attaches to the swivel castered end and provides the pushing and pulling power necessary for easy turning and intricate maneuvering. These carts can carry a variety of items, such as a bin full of washers, a flat bed of steel, or a cart full of cookie dough. Regardless of the parts or equipment being pulled or pushed, our battery powered cart puller has the power to push or pull almost any heavy cart.

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Weight 870 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 46 × 51 in


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