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The CDC identified the healthcare industry as the second fastest growing sector of the economy. The increase of workers to this industry has also brought about an increase in workplace injuries. One type of injury, the dreaded back injury, can be felt by everyone from a nurse to a maintenance man to the staff making beds and delivering meals. The latter two groups can be helped to avoid the low back strain health care workers are susceptible to by the use of a CartCaddyLite Electric Cart Puller. The linen carts that carry the linens to the patients’ rooms are large and not easily moved in the tight hallways and constricted spaces of a hospital or nursing home. The linen cart that is pushed from room to room may be overloaded to cut down on the trips to the linen closet. Unfortunately these scenarios may also increase the trips to the doctor’s office for the workers who are responsible for those duties. Having a linen cart puller can reduce the strain associated with maneuvering heavy loads and minimize the possibility of injuries associated with these stressful tasks. Employees who have access to a cart puller will be more efficiently using their time and less likely to suffer a back injury while pushing around a fully loaded linen cart. The CartCaddyLite Electric Cart Pusher has a tight turning radius and is very easy to maneuver. This makes these versatile pieces of equipment perfect for use in facilities that are cramped, crowded or that have space constraints.

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Weight 620 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 46 × 51 in


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