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The CartCaddyWagonWheel is designed to pull or maneuver carts or trailers with a tongue that hinges up and down and could also turn an axle at the bottom of the cart. Usually there is a ring or eye at the end of these tongues that can attach with a pin or pintle hitch. Due to the nature of the swiveling tow arms it grabs, it doesn’t transfer weight from the load to the CartCaddy WagonWheel drive tires, explaining why the power tugger doesn’t include the electric lift kit. The CartCaddy Wagon Wheel gains its traction by the added steel weight installed over the top of the drive tires. The CartCaddyWW Power Tugger also has a wagon wheel steering system, which makes turning and maneuvering loads easier. This CartCaddy works well on carts or trailers that weight up to 10,000 lbs. The CartCaddyWagonWheel electric tugger pushes heavier loads than our similar CartCaddy5WP. Due to the nature of the tow arms it grabs, it can’t transfer the weight from the load to the drive wheels, explaining why the electric tugger doesn’t have the lift kit.The most common application is the trailer with quad steering wheels. The CartCaddyWagonWheel electric tugger attaches to the ring tow arm using either a pintle or pin and uses its pulling power to pull a train of self-tracking carts while the operator easily turns the steering arm for intricate maneuvering of the carts. This electric tugger can carry a variety of items, whether it’s luggage at an airport, car parts down an assembly line, or heavy concrete forms across a parking lot. As long as a heavy cart has a swivel arm, our motorized cart tugger will almost always have the power to push or pull it.

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Weight 1665 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 37 × 63 in


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