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Safety And Ergonomics

Matching workplace conditions and job demands to what people are capable is the foundations of Ergonomics. Safety can be viewed then as mitigating the ergonomic risk factors. Jobs that require repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertions of the hands, or heavy lifting on a regular basis, pushing, pulling or carrying heaving options are ones that would typically have ergonomic risk factors. Jobs that have multiple risk factors tend to have a higher probability of causing a musculoskeletal problem. Levels of risk depends on intensity, frequency, and duration of a workers exposure to these conditions.

View our Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment here for ergonomic risk factor solutions.

Cart Puller Improves Working Conditions

Issues with staffing can wreak havoc inside of a nursing home environment where residents require constant care and attention. Nursing home owners can help to improve employee efficiency and improve working conditions by investing in equipment like the Cart Puller from DJ Products though. This easy to use and highly functional piece of equipment is perfectly designed to tackle the toughest of tasks inside of fast paced environments like nursing homes and hospitals.

The Cart Puller from DJ Products is powerful enough to easily haul carts weighing up to fifteen hundred pounds without putting any undue stress on employees. Despite the incredible power this piece of equipment delivers it comes in a very compact package though. The Cart Puller from DJ is the most compact and maneuverable puller available which makes it an ideal addition to any nursing home with narrow hallways, small rooms or other space constraints.

Clean and dirty linen carts and food carts can be exceedingly heavy when fully loaded and moving a hospital style bed can be a challenge for even the heartiest of employees. Employees who are required to manually transport these full carts or maneuver beds are at an increased risk of overexertion and of debilitating injuries. In order to perform these strenuous duties in a timely manner and with a minimal chance of suffering injuries nursing home employees need access to equipment that was designed to handle the task.

With a cart puller nursing home employees can focus on tackling important job duties without the fear of suffering injuries or without waiting for another employee to be available to assist. The addition of a piece of equipment like the cart puller instantly makes a nursing home a safer and more efficient working environment.

Cart Pusher Moves Rolling Loads Easily

The versatile design of DJ Products’ CartCaddy powered cart pusher makes it possible to adapt our ergonomically-designed powered movers to a wide variety of applications. From automobiles to shopping carts, our battery powered cart pushers allow the safe and easy transport of products, equipment or supplies from one site to another within your facility. Our powered cart pusher is just one of the specialized uses we’ve developed for our CartCaddy pushers. The CartCaddy powered cart pushers were specifically designed to push rolls of paper, but can also be successfully used to move wire spools and other products and equipment that move in a straight line and roll on their own surface.

The ergonomically-designed DJ Products’ CartCaddy powered cart pushers exerts directional force without operator effort, allowing the operator to safely and easily steer the unit and its load along the desired route. Ergonomic design minimizes the risk of injury from manual pushing and pulling of heavy carts and equipment, reducing medical insurance and workman’s compensation claims. Conveniently placed and ergonomically-designed controls, minimize carpal tunnel risk, maximize maneuverability, and ensure maximum operator control when the unit is in motion. The powered cart pusher is just one of the many versatile uses for DJ Products’ CartCaddies. We manufacture ergonomically-designed, battery-powered carts and power movers capable of handling any size load, from small, light-weight hospital laundry carts all the way up to heavy-duty industrial movers capable of handling 50,000-pound loads. Our CartCaddies can grip any size or shape cart or platform without special fabrication and can even handle overhanging loads safely. Our specially designed swivel arm allows loads to swivel 180 degrees without maneuvering to prevent dangerous overbalancing and tipping during transport.

Our scissor lifts allow loads to be raised and lowered for handling at optimal heights. DJ Products’ CartCaddies are more versatile, maneuverable, cheaper to operate, use far less storage space, and are significantly less costly to purchase than the fork trucks, walkies and riding tugs often used in paper and wire manufacturing settings. To find out more about our versatile CartCaddy Powered Cart Pushers and other ergonomically-designed CartCaddy products, visit the DJ Products’ website today.

Cart Pusher Machine Helps Working within Space Constraints

Some jobs require plenty of travel in tight spaces with material – like collecting laundry and linens in small hotels and motels and food distribution/collection in rehabilitation and medical centers. Moving down narrow hallways and corridors while these carts are empty is a reasonably easy task for one individual – but, take that light and easy to move cart and load it up with dozens of full food trays or a few hundred pounds of soiled linens and suddenly this job becomes a much more difficult task to handle. Due to space and budget constraints, these duties are performed manually by a single employee in many of these environments and with each extra food tray or bed sheet that gets piled in the carts, this job becomes more difficult and more dangerous for that employee to handle.

Most motorized cart pusher machines and pullers are too large and bulky to maneuver these tight corridors, but the Cart CaddyLite cart pusher from DJ Products can handle the biggest jobs in the smallest spaces because its unique design lets a single user move it freely in even the tightest of quarters. The Cart CaddyLite cart pusher machines can either push or pull loads of up to one thousand pounds that would normally require manual movement – this reduces the stress and strain on employees and greatly reduces the potential instances of workplace injury. These jobs are also customarily performed at whatever speed the employees are capable of performing them, and usually when the cart is fuller and heavier the pace slows.

The Cart CaddyLite cart pusher allows any employee to operate quickly and efficiently through the entirety of these tasks, because the material will move as easily when the cart is full as it did when it was empty. The Cart CaddyLite from DJ Products gives users the safety, power and convenience of a large powered cart in a smaller and more versatile package.