TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor Safety Features


Standard Safety Features

Parking Brake
The natural state of the braking system for the TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor (TCTT) is in the engaged/brake-applied position. When the throttle is engaged, the brake is released to allow the unit to move. When the throttle is released, or should the unit lose power, the brake moves back to its natural position, i.e. the brake is engaged.

Wagon-Wheel Position Limit
In order to ensure that the operator’s feet remain a safe distance from the steering wheels, the unit will not operate until the wagon-wheel steering handle is in the down position. Once in the operational position, the length of the handle will keep the operator at least 24” away from the steering tires.

Speed Control
The TCTT is controlled by a variable speed thumb twist pad accelerator and has infinitely variable speed up to the capabilities of the transaxle. What this means to the operator is that by gently moving the thumb twist pad forward or backward, the TCTT “crawl” very slowly. As the pad is depressed further, the speed will increase.

The TCTT is equipped with 2 speed options, which are controlled by a button on the gauge panel. Set in standard speed, the unit will move between 0 – 2.8 mph, set in the high-speed position, the unit will move between 0 – 5.0 mph.

Hydraulic Lift manual release/lower
The hydraulic lift on the TCTT draws its power from the batteries on board the TCTT. Should the unit lose power, or the batteries be drained while moving a trailer, the operator can manually lower the hydraulic lift, allowing the trailer to rest on the ground so that the TCTT can be withdrawn and charged. The TCTT has the ability to move without any battery power by lifting a lever on the transaxle, disengaging the motor brake, which will allow the unit to be moved manually.

Safety Stop Switch
The Safety Stop Switch is located on the wagon-wheel handlebar, between the operator’s right and left hands. This feature reduces the risk of an operator being pinned against a wall. When depressed, the button acts as a “kill-switch” which will immediately cut power to the unit. The unit will NOT move when the button is depressed. Once the button is released (by twisting clockwise) the unit will operate normally again.

When the glad-hand adapter is connected to the trailer, depressing the E-Stop button will release the air from the braking system of air-brake equipped trailers. This will engage the brakes on the trailer.

Lift Limit – Hydraulic Lift
The hydraulic lift is configured with a mechanism that will cause the lift to “stall” when used to lift a load that exceeds its rating limit. The hydraulic lift will stay in this “stalled” position, and will only operate to lower the load. This safety feature is to limit the trailer tongue-weight that can be lifted and is set at approximately 23,000 pounds.

Lift Limit – Hydraulic Lift Stroke
The hydraulic lift on the TCTT has a 10” stroke – this is the maximum distance it will move up or down. When the TCTT is placed under the king-pin of a trailer, it will “raise” a maximum of 10”. For standard trailers where the kingpin is between 44” and 48” from the ground, this means that the TCTT will only lift the trailer legs between 2” and 5” off of the ground which reduces risk when moving the trailer. For applications where the trailer needs to be lifted off the ground more than 5”, please talk to your DJ Products Sales Engineer.

Safety Horn
The Safety Horn – the horn button is located on the wagon-wheel steering handle and is easily accessible by the operator to provide audible notification to others in area.

Master Disconnect
The Master Disconnect will disconnect all power coming from the batteries to the unit. This feature is not to be used to turn the unit on and off, but rather would be used during service related activities or emergency situations.

Flashing Light
A flashing orange light comes on from the time the key on the unit is turned on, until the key is turned off. This feature not only visually draws awareness to the unit when it is in the area, but also serves as a reminder to the operator that the key is still turned on, and the unit is still drawing power, whether it is in use or not, until the key is turned off. This dramatically reduces the risk of the unit being left on and draining the battery to zero, rendering the unit unusable until it is charged again.

Optional Safety Features

Motion Alarm ($225)
The Motion Alarm is an audible notification that sounds anytime the unit is in motion, either forward or backward. Once the unit comes to a stop, the alarm will cease.

Lighting Kits (Pricing below) –
The TCTT has two lighting kits available. The TCTT Light Kit and the King Pin Light Kit.

  • The King Pin Light Kit ($140) consists of 2 Magnetic LED Lights with swivel heads that can be pointed in the direction of the king pin, the glad hand or anywhere in close proximity to the TCTT. These are light duty, easily moveable battery powered lights with a magnetic base.
  • The Path Light Kit ($525) consists of lights that are mounted on each end of the TCTT.
    • Steer Light. This is a single light mounted near the steer tire, used to illuminate the path that the operator takes while moving the trailer away from the dock, across the lot. The operator would be facing forward, with his back to the trailer, leading the trailer across the lot.
    • Docking Lights – These are dual headlights mounted near the drive tires that will illuminate under and around the trailer, as the operator is backing the trailer toward the dock.

Steer Wheel Foot Guard ($495)
This steel shroud is an optional safety feature installed around the steering wheels to reduce the risk an operator rolling the TCTT over his own feet.

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