Risk Expert Recommends WasteCaddy as a best practice for reducing risk while moving dumpsters

Little Falls, MN Feb 20, 2017 — Workers Comp Insurance Providers are continuously looking for ways to reduce the risk of injury for their insured customers. One company, Minnesota Comp Advisor, has identified the WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover as a “best-practice” for reducing the risk of injury when moving heavy trash dumpsters in apartment buildings.

“We continuously look for ways to help our customers reduce risk because it helps us manage their E-MOD (Experience Modification Factor) which is used to calculate their insurance premiums. It should come as no surprise to those in the apartment management business that the trash room is the most dangerous area in mid-rise and hi-rise apartment buildings” says Brian Plautz, Senior Risk Advisor for the company. “The most frequent injuries are back and shoulder strains, which turn out to be two of the most expensive claims from a workers comp insurance perspective. It is difficult to determine how long an employee will be out due to a strain because it is subjective. We see some really expensive claims related to lost-time when it comes to strains. The WasteCaddy has been a major factor in reducing this type of injury in multi-family properties.”

Tom Van Sickle, General Manager of the WasteCaddy division of DJ Products, the manufacturer of the WasteCaddy says that Brian’s experience is a common one. “Multi-family property managers understand that reducing risk helps them keep their management fees competitive. We have seen a tremendous uptick in the use of our WasteCaddy dumpster movers within both regional and national property management companies. The safety benefits are generally enough to cost-justify the product on their own. But when you consider the fact that using a WasteCaddy allows you double your efficiency, it is really a no-brainer. In most cases, due to safety concerns, property managers require two employees to move dumpster manually. With our WasteCaddy, maintenance teams can move dumpsters with a single employee which means the second employee can now get back to other tasks. The product will generally pay for itself in less than 12 months.”

DJ Products is the international industry leader and manufacturer of the battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover. They have developed a purpose-built product allowing you to boost productivity and reduce staffing needs to move heavy dumpsters out of the trash room. The compact, ergonomic design allows the WasteCaddy to maneuver in tight areas, small trash rooms, narrow hallways and aisles, doors and parking garages. Its powerful 36-volt motor can easily handle heavy dumpsters up to 10,000 lbs.

The WasteCaddy dumpster mover is the most efficient way to safely move dumpsters. Call DJ Products at 800-686-2651 or visit djproducts.com for more information.

Minnesota Comp Advisor helps employers effectively manage their workers’ compensation programs, keel employees, productive and safe, and save money on the work comp insurance they need to stay in business. For more information about Minnesota Comp Advisor, call 612-236-1781 or visit minnesotacompadvisor.com.

The WasteCaddy dumpster mover is the most efficient way to safely move dumpsters. Call DJ Products at 800-686-2651 or visit djproducts.com for more information.