Reduce Manpower And Increase Efficiency With Your Maintenance Staff

WasteCaddy is now the ‘best practice’ for improving productivity

Little Falls, MN Dec 1, 2016 — Moving dumpsters manually is risky…. and it’s also time consuming. Due to the high risk for injury, most property management companies (and their insurance companies) require that at least two employees move dumpsters out of the trash room for hauler pick up. This means multiple maintenance technicians are allocated to carry out this daily task and prevents other responsibilities, such as tenant requests, from being attended to, creating a lack of efficiency.

A Miami high-rise had their trash picked up 4 times a week. To reduce potential workers comp claims, the company’s policy required that two employees move heavy dumpsters from the trash room to curb side for hauler pick-up. On trash pick-up days, it took a total of two hours to move all of the dumpsters out, and back in again after they have been emptied. That equates to SIXTEEN hours a week. (2 hours, 2 maintenance technicians, 4 days a week)

With the battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover, ONE employee of any height, age, gender and strength can do the same job in two hours. This cuts the job time in half, doubles efficiency, and saves 8 this property hours every week.

The WasteCaddy enables employees to move heavy dumpsters with ease, by themselves, while allowing others to be more productive with their maintenance related responsibilities; Improving efficiency by reducing labor in the trash room, SAFELY!

DJ Products is the international industry leader and manufacturer of the battery powered WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover. They have developed a purpose-built product allowing you to boost productivity and reduce staffing needs to move heavy dumpsters out of the trash room. The compact, ergonomic design allows the WasteCaddy to maneuver in tight areas, small trash rooms, narrow hallways and aisles, doors and parking garages. Its powerful 36-volt motor can easily handle heavy dumpsters up to 10,000 lbs.

The WasteCaddy dumpster mover is the most efficient way to safely move dumpsters. Call DJ Products at 800-686-2651 or visit for more information.