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Pushing Cars and Trucks

Moving vehicles around crowded lots or in the tight confines of a manufacturing plant is one of the material handling solutions available from DJ Products. The CarCaddy car pusher instantly takes the stress, strain and difficulty out of moving cars, trucks, busses or RVs even in the tightest of quarters.

If your cart, car, or piece of equipment has all straight wheels or is on a rail, then the following vehicle pusher products will help solve applications where no turning is required, or an operator will turn the wheels while a CarCaddy vehicle pusher pushes from behind, as in the case of pushing a bus down an assembly line.

This vehicle pusher solutions also help to prevent damages associated with moving a stalled vehicle. In cases where manpower is not available, another vehicle is used to bump up against the back end of the stalled vehicle, causing dents, scratches, and cracks on both vehicles. The front push pad of the vehicle pusher is made of a soft, durable, padded material designed to preserve the paint and integrity of the back end of the stalled vehicle.


Car Pusher Prevents Damage

Car manufacturers, car lots and mechanics all face a unique challenge in doing business successfully. Employees in each business must maneuver through very crowded environments without doing any damage to the vehicle they are handling or to other vehicles that they may encounter. In many cases these vehicles aren’t full assembled or are not fully operational which leaves employees to struggle with the task of getting them from point A to point B without being able to drive them.

Manually pushing a vehicle across any distance is a difficult and strenuous undertaking. Loss of control for any length of time or for any reason could result in serious damage that could cost the business hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.

Moving vehicles around crowded lots or in the tight confines of a manufacturing plant is much easier with access to the right equipment like the car pusher from DJ Products. The car pusher instantly takes the stress, strain and difficulty out of moving cars, trucks, busses or RVs even in the tightest of quarters.

The car pusher has a soft, durable push pad that adjusts to completely protect the body of the vehicle during movement. The smooth, even acceleration of this versatile piece of equipment allows the operator to maintain complete control during short or long moves. This helps to prevent damage to the vehicle being pushed as well as all other vehicles on the lot.

Another huge benefit of using a car pusher on auto lots and service centers is employee safety. The car pusher allows for virtually labor free movement of heavy vehicles which keeps valuable employees safe and injury free. Investing in a car pusher can save service centers and auto lots money by eliminating damage caused by manual movement of vehicles and minimizing expensive work related injury claims.

Truck Pusher Helps Safely Move Stalled Trucks

Bigger does not always equal better and you can find surprising strength in small machines. Such is the case with a DJ Products truck pusher. You might imagine that you need something as big as or bigger than a vehicle to move that vehicle, but you do not. Check out this video that shows how one person can push a stalled SUV into a garage using our CarCaddy truck pusher.

Our CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher is battery operated and designed to push vehicles that have pneumatic tires, such as cars, trucks, campers, and buses. It can push cars and trucks up to 20,000 pounds on flat ground and up to 10,000 pounds on 3% grade. And if that is not enough, you can opt for a Heavy Duty Motor/Transaxle Power Upgrade so you can push cars and trucks that weigh up to 50,000 pounds. You can also opt to add foam filled tires, snow and ice tires, a safety horn or a flashing light.

But for now, during the heat of summer, you and your employees will be glad to have the CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher to help move a stalled vehicle quickly and safely. The CarCaddy can minimize damage to the body (including back and shoulder strain) and lessen the time one has to spend in the sun moving a vehicle. This time of year it is important to lessen the chances of overexertion and heatstroke.

Whether a car or a larger vehicle needs to be pushed off the road, along a highway or across a parking lot into a service center, you can count on the CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher.

Car and Truck Pusher Increases Productivity

The pace can be very fast and the labor can be very hard at a mechanic’s shop or car dealership where the right equipment isn’t readily available. If employees are required to manually push heavy cars, trucks or buses into bays for repair each vehicle will require more time to complete and will create another chance for injury.

Employees who are required to manually push vehicles around a crowded lot could also very easily cause damage to other vehicles. When other vehicles or equipment on the lot become damaged the money and time required to make the repairs comes directly out of the shops profits.

The best way to ensure that employees are able to work as efficiently and safely as possible and that other property on the lot doesn’t get damaged is by having the proper equipment for moving vehicles. The car and truck pusher from DJ Products can immediately transform the operations at a mechanic shop by allowing employees to move stalled vehicles faster, safer and easier than they could manually. The car and truck pusher can easily handle heavy vehicles weighing up to ten thousand pounds without any stress or risk of injury to the operator.

In addition to keeping employees safer the truck pusher also makes the vehicles on the lot safer as well. The soft, adjustable and durable pad on the truck pusher is designed to contour to the rear bumper of a wide variety of vehicles to prevent the possibility of scratches, dents or dings while pushing. The fact that the employees will be able to push the vehicles in a completely controlled fashion also helps to greatly minimize the risk of damage to other vehicles on the lot. Providing employees with a truck pusher is an affordable way for mechanics and auto lot owners to keep their employees, customers and merchandise safe while increasing the overall speed of operation.

Electric Car Pusher provides Safety

Manufacturers of cars, buses trucks and trailers have different assembly line obstacles than most other factories. With each and every necessary component that gets added on to these large and cumbersome products, the heavier and less manageable they tend to become. Trying to move an unfinished truck, bus or trailer manually could result in serious injury and trying to move them without a properly designed piece of equipment could result in damage to the vehicle before assembly is even complete – that’s where a vehicle pusher comes in.

DJ Products makes a vehicle pusher for just about every situation, in the assembly line, on the sale lot and the in mechanics’ shop. DJ Products has a electric car pusher specifically designed to wheel heavy trailers around a dealership, crowded lot or down the assembly line that will greatly lessens the chances of accidents and injuries. The trailer pusher allows a single employee to easily handle a camper, RV, boat or just about any other towable piece of equipment weighing thousands of pounds without any undue stress or strain and without any hassle.

An automobile dealership couldn’t succeed if they didn’t have their cars and trucks kept in prime conditions. DJ Products has vehicle pushers that can handle everything from the smallest compacts to the biggest pick-ups and each electric car pusher from DJ Products is ergonomically designed for the safest and simplest operation possible. This equipment can help dealerships keep their lots stocked to full capacity without worrying about any damage to the cars and trucks as they are being moved.

Any damage to a car, truck or camper decreases its value so manufacturers and dealers must make every effort to keep their automobiles in the best possible condition from the beginning of assembly through to their placement on the lot. The easiest way to prevent possible damage while moving an automobile is with the use of a high quality and properly designed vehicle pusher.

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