“Must Have” Features for Car Pushers

Purpose Built New

CarCaddy is Purpose Built to Move Cars

Infinitely Variable Speed Control

Infinitely Variable Speed Control – the variable speed handlebar twist grip helps the operator to start moving a vehicle GENTLY. Alternatives with jerky “ON or OFF” throttles can’t compete! The variable speed twist grip is a must have for outdoor applications. The ability to “feather” the throttle helps the operator MAINTAIN TRACTION when moving a vehicle in wet or icy conditions. This reduces the risk of losing traction, slips, falls and damage to the vehicle.


Tilting Motion for Optimal Positioning

The CarCaddy Car pusher’s unique “tilting motion” and adjustable push pad are must have features to reduce damage to vehicles. Our unique “tilting motion” and adjustable push pad allow this vehicle pusher to gently rest under the bumper.  Accelerating forward causes the car pusher to tilt backwards, raising the pad and transferring weight to the drive tires for traction. The adjustable push pad allows the operator to ensure that the car pusher meets the bumper in the optimal position, reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle.


36 Volt/# Battery System

Reliability is key with any piece of equipment used in the shop. Built with the needs of auto shop professionals in mind, this electric vehicle pusher has a 36v/3 Battery system. This allows for long run times between charges, and allows your employees to move cars in and out of the shop throughout the day. Dual battery systems are far more likely to let you down when you need them most.


Both Push and Pull

Built to both PUSH and PULL vehicles, the CarCaddy Car Pusher weighs more than 550 pounds. This is KEY for situations where access to the back of the vehicle is limited. Position the CarCaddy car puller in front of the vehicle, run a strap from the CarCaddy to the car, and pull. The slow, easy starts using the variable speed twist grip ensure that you maintain traction and steady acceleration. The CarCaddy electric car mover is the solution to pulling a vehicle in wet or icy conditions.

CarCaddy_AdjustablePushPad_V3Adjustable Push Pad

It’s not uncommon for bumpers and moldings to get damaged when a car is being moved from the lot into a service bay. The CarCaddy car pusher was designed to reduce the risk of damage when moving a car. The Adjustable Push Pad allows the operator to set the push pad in the optimal pushing position, reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle.

CarCaddy Electric Car Pusher

Electric Car Pusher Mover
CarCaddy Auto Pusher

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