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WagonCaddyHD Motorized Mover – DOD

Motorized Mover

Motorized Mover

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  • 1) Heavy Duty Steel Frame Holds up to 10,000 lbs.
  • 2) Custom Tables, Beds, Shelves Available
  • 3) 0-2 mph Forward/Reverse
  • 4) 36 volt 3 Battery System
  • 5) Charger works with 120/220 Outlets

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Motorized Mover Applications


The new WagonCaddyHD Side Steer Powered cart mover is ergonomically designed to remove the physical strain from workers’ muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently and comfortably. A powered cart maximizes employee performance by eliminating awkward work postures that lead to tired and cramped muscles that erode job performance and lead to disabling injuries. Muscle fatigue leads to slower task completion, inefficient production, and longer and more frequent breaks. And it increases the risk of injuries and strains. A powered cart eliminates these problems and ensures each worker a safe and comfortable work environment.

The WagonCaddyHD can haul loads up to 10,000 lbs. and has a variable speed twist grip that allows the operator to travel at speeds of 0-3 mph both forwards and backwards. DJ Products powered cart has heavy duty 36-volt motors powered three 12-volt batteries, and can perform without re-charging for an entire shift and can be customized to any application or any production environment.

Motorized Mover Features and Specifications


•Heavy Duty Steel Frame
•2000 lbs / 3000 lbs Transaxle
•2:1 Gear Reduction with Chain to
•Drive Tires
•High Tech Speed Controller
•Neutral Throttle Braking
•Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
•Variable Speed Thumb Twist
•0-2 mph Forward/ Reverse
•Tiller Steering
•Hard Non-Marking Tires
•Safety Stop Switch

Motorized Mover Dimensions



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Motorized Mover User Reviews

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