The Battery-Powered RailCarCaddy Rail Car Mover

The Most Cost Effective Way to Move Rail Cars!

The Purpose-Built Electric Rail Car Mover that Allows You to Move Rail Cars at a Moment’s Notice!

The RailCarCaddy rail car mover revolutionizes the way rail cars are moved in and around rail terminals, repairs shops and maintenance yards. At less than 10% of the cost of a traditional rail car mover, the battery powered RailCarCaddy makes the movement of railcars easier, more efficient and less expensive than ever before!

The RailCarCaddy is PURPOSE BUILT to move rail cars. Now, with minimal training, any employee can use this rail car mover to safely and simply move rail cars JUST IN TIME, for a fraction of the cost of a new diesel powered rail car mover. This battery-powered RailCarCaddy is clean, efficient, low maintenance, and does not require special licensing to operate.

Rail Car Mover

The RailCarCaddy is battery powered, designed for long run-time between charges, and can be charged by plugging into any 110v outlet. Best of all, this units’ small footprint means that it can be stored just about anywhere! MINIMAL maintenance is required for this electric rail car mover, estimated at only a few hundred dollars a year. Compare this with the high maintenance costs associated with diesel powered rail car movers which can run into the thousands or tens-of-thousands annually!

  • 10% the cost of a new rail car mover!
  • Battery powered! Much lower maintenance compared to diesel or gas powered movers.
  • Purpose-Built to move rail cars.
  • Battery-powered = no emissions, no noise policies to manage.
  • Affordable lease-to-own plans.

For more information about the next revolution in moving rail cars, call one of our sales engineers and ask about our on-site demo program. 1-800-686-2651

Why Customers Choose RailCarCaddy

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Low Cost
SAVE MONEY! RailCarCaddy is less than 10% the cost of a new diesel rail car mover!


Improve Efficiency
Any properly trained worker can move rail cars at moment’s notice.


Improve Safety with RailCarCaddy railcar movers!