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Waste Container And Dumpster Movers

Some of the most heavy and awkward loads to move involve the maneuvering of waste containers and dumpsters to curbside for trash hauler pickup. The ergonomic risk factors that we have mentioned in previous solutions fit precisely into the movement of dumpsters and containers in apartments, hotel, condominium, and multihousing developments.

The following dumpster movers will eliminate strains and pains from pushing heavy trash and waste containers and dumpsters to street level for curb side pick up.


Faced with the problem of having maintenance technicians push their waste containers from the compactor room to the curbside, Trinity Commons at Erwin-a Durham, N.C. community managed by Crosland-purchased a motorized waste container puller. The dumpster mover is based on the product used in large shopping mall parking lots to return shopping carts to storefronts.

Known as the WasteCaddyLite, the 36-volt dumpster mover latches on to the waste containter and pulls the compacted trash to the curb without the stress and danger of doing so by hand. The waste container puller can also move the waste containers down hallways, in parking garages, along aisles and through doors.

“The compacted trash weighs a ton sometimes and pushing and pulling puts our employees at risk for hernias, pulled muscles and slipping and falling,” says John Russo, Director of Operations for Trinity. “This dumpster mover makes the process much faster, as the machine is doing all of the heavy work.”

Russo purchased the waste container puller for $5,000 from D.J. Products and says it was worth the investment because it has minimized safety risks.

According to the manufacturer, the WasteCaddyLite dumpster mover can move garbage containers up to 10,000 pounds and is able to perform in a variety of weather conditions, including snow, sleet and gravel. — NAA’s Lauren Boston